The Pandemic, is Increasing. We are losing

between 1,000-1,500 people per day. This

(So Long!)

is horrific. And while we will have a brand

new President Elect On January 20th, this

Racist Fascist Administration Is Denying a

Peaceful Transition. Well, Emily Murphy Is

committin an illegal act. She’ll suffer for it

(See Page 12 Part H-Equity In Assistance)

And all, as this Weekend we Had 7,000 to

about 11,000 Overt loser racist Fascists In

DC to Spew Hate. And Boy are they Dumb

See, this clip (warning graphic) shows you

what “Fuck Around, & FIND out Ya Racists”

(Find Out!)

and, ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes’

both mean. Racist asshole starts A fight &

tries to kill A Man (head stomp), shoves a

groups of Women, then gets the ol’ fascist

nap. It’s the last Diabetic whalin’ of “Hate”

Most will likely will die from COVID, karma

We got work to do, ‘undoing’ their Fascism

NOTE: These Trumper ‘Morons’, do Not Even Know
What socialism is; nor do they connect with reality
NOTE II: South Dakota ER nurse shares the Horror
of ignorant people dying of COVID & not believin it

Have A “Safe” Day!

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