We have a pandemic raging out of control

While Orange Anus Is hiding and so is the


Entire Republican Party In DC. But Other

Republican’s: The Govs, Mayors, Election

Officials are ALL doing their jobs. So now

we Have R-Lindsey Graham “Committing”

Election Fraud Says one Republican Brad

Raffensperger the SOS of GA. In fact, his

statement that: “He was looking for us to

throw out Legal votes”. And while Lady G

denied it another aid was on the line and

Confirms Brad’s Account. Ooooooooooops

(“It’s Jail”)

He is goin’ down. They all are. It’s Illegal

Oh & speaking of “going down” now after

EVERY Single Frivolous Lawsuit is thrown

out Of Court With No Facts/Proof; the PA

Judges told Rudy to “shove” It; most will

not Survive This Shit & Will get Disbarred

NOTE: The tRump Wanted to Attack Iran Because
Well, He Wants To Burn The Entire Country To the
Ground…Since his Racist Fascist Ass Can’t Have IT

Have A “Safe” Day!

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