It seems North Carolina needs to stop voter fraud. TeaOP’er Don Yelton

decided crushing voters rights, cause “one of his best friends”, is “black”

(“I’m fucking racist”)

If this is a part where you’re doing something & publicly cringing reading

this; it gets WORSE. He spews racism like anyone else who is racist and

loving it. He is at least not shy about being a massive bigot racist pile of

shit. His goal is to stop voter fraud right? No. It’s to “kick the Democrats

butt”. He was fired, & then went on a radio ‘show’ to say they, “edited it”

But he then went to say he stood by all his comments. *Record Scratch*

They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. In fact, they’re ALL fucking

(“Lazy blacks”)

sick of hiding it. The “TeaOP” will never recover from all this ignorance

and hate. It only keeps circling the drain, screaming louder & louder, til

it goes down, never to been seen again. All I ask is to just use Drain-O if

it ever clogs up w/this insane bullshit ever again. Or just get a “new” sink

Seems Egypt Doesn’t “Likey The Free Speech”

Egypt wants to arrest Egypt’s Jon Stewart. A comedian, named Bassem

Youssef. Try saying that with a mouth of marbles. Ohhhh yes, this is one


thing ALL of us comedians can be pissed, upset, and sad about. It’s weak

sauce, bad. Well, the government said that he “harmed national interests

by ridiculing the country’s military”. He could “face questioning”, and “a

possible trial”. Oh goody! And all we get here is NSA “spying on all of us”

This is sick & wrong. Clean all your freedom up Egypt, & learn to accept

other people’s views. As long as it’s not seditious, or trying to over throw

the government, let it fucking go. Unless of course they speak out in for

(“I kick the ass!”)

peace & respect of all others. Then kill them for sure. So that’s the ticket

It IS great to be back. The Florida State game was amazing. It was even

better spending it with my family. Lucky is an understatement. Happy!

Have a day!

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