Planned Parenthood Hits Back…

September 29th, 2015

It seems the Republican Run house wants to

put on a “Shit Show” of their own these days

Cecile Richards(“WTF?!?!”)

R-Utah Chairman Jason Chaffetz, Thundered

away at the head of Planned Parenthood who

is Cecile Richards. They created False Claims

such as, “Harvesting Fetal Tissues For Profit”

This is Untrue. It is a lie, & has been exposed

as such by all credible factual outlets. And so,

even Richards had to point out this fact again

“The outrageous accusations, leveled against
Planned Parenthood, based on heavily doctored
videos, are offensive and categorically untrue”

That doesn’t matter when you live in “Batshit

Jason Chaffetz(“Love to lie!”)

Crazy Land” I guess. Forget no laws were eva

broken. PP was Cleared by 5 States about the

Doctored Video Lies. But when you do not live

In Reality, Like These “Extremist” Republicans

don’t; Facts/Truth Never ever Stood a Chance

Have a day!

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