Matthews “Iraq War” Denial…

September 22nd, 2015

It seems MSNBC’s Chris Matthews doesn’t

remember bein’ a cheerleader for the Iraq

Chris Matthews Real Time(You lose!)

War. On Real Time With Bill Maher He Did

this gallin “Hey bud, I was against the war”

to an ‘actual’ Journalist Jorge Ramos, back

on Friday. He gave Jorge a class in Revised

History, on subjects he never did in his life:

RAMOS: It was clearly a mistake. We made
a huge mistake and as journalists, I think it
is also part of our responsibility. We were
silent, we didn’t challenge…
MATTHEWS: No. That’s not true.
RAMOS: We didn’t challenge George W Bush
and we didn’t…
MATTHEWS: Keep that “we” to yourself.
RAMOS: No, no, no.
MATTHEWS: No, keep that “we” to yourself.
I opposed the war. The we doesn’t work here.
RAMOS: The fact is that as journalists…
MATTHEWS: No! No! No. No. (crosstalk) I
opposed the war in every column I wrote and
every time I was on television.

Did he?! Every time in a Column, & EVERY

time he was on television? The answer no!

Then, Matthews said this of all Iraq Critics:

Let's Share the Blame(Let’s not)

“And I think this is a brilliant political move
by the president (Bush), forcing the Carpers
and Complainers to all come Forward saying
“You don’t like my Strategy in Iraq? So vote
against it. Go ahead, make my day”. This is
Clint Eastwood stuff I think potus’s brilliant”

Oh, there’s Way more showing His Utter BS

with quotes like, “We won the war!!!” About

Iraq gushin’ about W. Bush. So he even said

that W. Bush might Land on “Mt. Rushmore”

THAT my friends, take massive balls. To yell

at Jorge Ramos, who Pointed out His Failure

For Matthews is was basic, simple Projection

He didn’t do his job, was a suck up & doesn’t

Matthews with Pataki(“I’m a douche!”)

do real Journalism. That’s why it bugged him

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Have a day!

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