The Fact Free Food Fight…

September 17th, 2015

If you watched the Shit Show that was the

2nd Republican debate last night; you saw

Circus of clowns(Jackass Train)

grade school in-fighting, no facts or reality

and no Journalism whatsoever. It was this

fact free food fight “WWF Style”. No Facts

were presented. This entire Thunderdome

was solely to gain Ratings/money for CNN

Forget that aside from what aids told Ohio

governor Kasich about the Iran Deal, NOT

1 person could tell you What is IN the deal

And so why didn’t the moderators ask that

question? Because no one can answer that

Jeb pointing with Trump(“Look, a minority!”)

Why didn’t they Fact check all the massvie

lies spewed out?!?!? Well because no one’s

able to keep up with that many lies quickly

But the real reason they don’t do it in Real

Time is cause then they’d have “no debate”

and Embarrass All The Moronic Candidates

It would just be an Intellectual Depantsing

CNN isn’t journalism; they are boot lickers

trying to appease for ratings/cash. Fucking

gross. This debate was like children simply

Carly pointing(“This is a pen!”)

smearing themselves in shit yelling, “Look,

I’m doing it; I’m totally winning!”. The big

winner was Carly Fiorina by actually trying

to answer questions. All be it so incorrectly

The biggest losers were Us and Journalism

NOTE: Turd Nugget Has A Stroke On Air
Babbling Incoherently All About Nothing
NOTE II: Jeb Bush Finally ‘Admits’ What
Everyone Already Does/Has Done Before

Have a day!

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