Pope Is Dope & CE-Blow…

September 23rd, 2015

The Pope-A is a coming-a, to-a the

White House-a (Use hands in large

Pope with Obama & Michelle(“Air High 5’s!”)

over sized gestures all Italian style)

The White House readys for his big

arrival. And now, you can expect, a

massive “Freak Out” from the Right

Wing Hate Machine. Today…..that’d

be the entire Republican Party now

The Pope already made their heads

explode no doubt when he weighed

in on Climate change by just saying:

“It is a serious problem that can no
longer be left to a future generation”

Now expect FOX News to blast this

Fox-News-Lies(We know)

Pope for simply stating Reality, wow

This would be so sad, if it wasn’t SO

expected. Reap what you sowed Fox

The hateful ignorance you planted is

now ready for harvest; go enjoy it all

The Worst CEO Ever…

Now that is saying a lot. There have

been horrific CEOhhhh’s in the Past

Martin Shkreli asshole(Punchable Face)

But this ‘Libertarian Sociopath’ just

takes the “asshole” cake. His name

is Martin Shkreli (Skaa-rell-ee), the

Biggest Prick Ever. He Raised the $

of “A drug from the 50’s he Bought”

from $13.50 Per Pill, to $750 A Pop

And why?! Oh you’ll love his answer

“The drug was unprofitable at the
former price…And at this price, it’s
a reasonable profit, not excessive”

BULLSHIT!!!! You don’t have a drug

On the Market since The 50’s, if it is

‘Unprofitable’. This Sleezy Fuck, is a

Bioshock - Rapture concept art(How’d BioShock end?)

sociopath, Period. He is The “Poster

Boy” for ‘Libertarian Rand Dystopia’

What a ‘Good Journalist’ would have

done is ask “And what specific profit

margin is it that is not excessive?!?”

Dick fuck wouldn’t answer that since

it then shows him, as an evil asshole

Too late, we all already know. Fucker

NOTE: Racist Bigots, Show “Idiocy”

Have a day!

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