“Boehner” Goes Limp…

September 28th, 2015

Republican ‘Speaker Of The Nuts’ is

stepping down. He’s done with that

Boehner drinking(“Cheers fucko!”)

shit Show from the Front End. And,

now he goes to the Shitty Sausage

end. He will Become a Big Lobbyist

Or “Mega Buck Money Whore” as I

like to call em. Why did he leave?!?

Would you Rather: A) “Pretend” To

work with crazy people that are the

the Christian Version of ISIS, or B)

Big baby pouting(TeaOP’s Bitch)

Cash out, Make $, being the Whore

you know you always were?!?!?!?!?

He Picked B. The ‘Insane Trumped’

Up Right Wing Base is The Monster

he helped create; now its tearing it

all apart, & he wants to Skulk Away

in the dark of night, ‘pretending’ he

didn’t help create this black hole of

ignorance. Nope, he is On the Hook

NOTE?: The Bears Are 0-3, Looking
To Be “3-13” This Entire Shit Season

Have a day!

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