Every so often, a Republican holding office slips

up & accidentally tells the truth when they think

Kevin McCarthy on FOX(<-Human dog shit)

it’s to “Their People”. Like One did on FOX Here

The next Dauphin in line for a tiny shred of their

Republican Speaker Power, Is A “Sleeze” Named

Kevin McCarthy (Joseph McCarthy ring a bell?!?)

What he basically said was: “Benghazi helped us

Knock Down Hilary’s Poll Numbers, & hurting her

chances in 2016. This wasn’t about any evidence

it was about Politics”. There It Is. Clear as day &

it is just as obvious. You look for a Smoking Gun

Joseph McCarthy Ted Cruz(We know)

and That Video is The Irrefutable Clean Evidence

It was never about searching for the truth or any

love of Country. It was Politics to Hurt Hilary; so

if you think Republican’s can’t “Stoop any lower”

give them half a second. They’re all in “Free Fall”

Have a day!

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