(Two Jews walk into a bar…)

My irony Meter just blew up

We already knew all this stuff, but the National Geograpic channel interviewed him

AGAIN, for reasons unknown except it’s almost the anniversary

The rational choice for a leader in this case is to quietly get up & leave

It’s serious stuff for a serious person. Bush was not a serious leader


He was “a” leader. Not a good one. The people around him killed our country

Who drove our debt into two endless wars, 7 trillion in tax cuts, & big spending

The Screaming Children In DC

Sit down, we’re all turning the car around and going home

(Must a be Tea Turd)

You’re all idiots who deserve nothing for dessert

Republicans, lying douche fucks, the lot of you

You’re screaming about the Debt Ceiling. Something raised over 102 times

74 times since 1962, 17 times under Reagan, & 7 times under W. Bush

(Trust US!)

Without a PEEP. Not a fucking PEEP. What planet is this?

And Dems are the biggest pussy’s since Liberace’s slap fight with a stage hand

Farts Are Your Butt Telling Others To “Back Off”

When you think about it, it’s true

(Don’t point that thing at me)

It’s also a way to end an awkward 1st date going badly

Or hail a cab in NY when you can’t whistle

Have a weekend!

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