The Rocky Mountian Way

July 28th, 2011

Republican Illinois representative & Tea Party guy Joe Walsh thinks:

(Fuck the middle class!)

“I won’t place one more dollar of debt ever upon the backs of my kids or even my grand-kids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!”

Bravo, well said sir! You clearly deeply care about fiscal responsibility

Well, funny thing about that. Turns out

A suit says he owes more than $100,000 in unpaid child support to his ex-wife

(Wrong Joe Walsh)

Joe “Rocky Mountain Way” went on to bark:

“President Obama, quit lying. Have you no shame, sir?

In three short years, you’ve bankrupted this country”

Wow, where to start on this string of insanity & lies

One, HE DIDN’T. This flaming debt turd was handed to him by Bush

(Reagan’s not “Reagan” enough)

Two endless wars, Medicare Part D, & over 7 trillion in Tax Cuts for the wealthy

All were UNPAID for at every turn. Republicans weren’t fiscal or responsible

And two, if you’re going to stick up for the wealthiest people on the planet

At least fucking BE ONE. You’d be making over $300,000. You don’t

(But think of the wealthy!)

Shit, at least that even makes more logical sense, & you even said you’re not

There’s your easy answers Norquist pledge signing dead beat dad

What planet is this where people vote against their own interests?

It’s like the best Doctors everywhere standing up screaming:

“All homeopathic remedies work way better then the shit we do. Don’t use us!”

(Fat child at the dinner table)

Sadly, it’s ignorance of voters. They’re not engaged, they’re blindly enraged

But they don’t fucking know why. I’ll tell you why, FOX News

It ain’t news, it’s a 24-7 spin cycle GOP campaign of hate for Obama

(Wash, rinse, repeat)

When Bush was president, it was the exact opposite

On FOX everything Bush did was awesome despite reality!

But everything Obama does isn’t awesome, even on other channels

Someone what to explain that? FOX and O’Reilly wants morons to think

(Funny & true)

The Norway bomber, who was a self described christian fundamentalist

“Can’t possibly be a Christian; because Christians don’t do those things”

Ohhhhhhhh, that makes sense. You see, it’s easy if you try. Come with me on magic Billo & FOX News logic ride=If someone does a terrorist act & are Muslim it’s Religious Jihad terrorism against all. But when a self described christian fundamentalist does a terrorist act, it’s a lone nut job who isn’t really Christian

I do agree with his basic premise

You can’t label an entire religion “terrorist hate” by the actions of a few

(Right on the money)

But, FOX & Billo can’t seem use the same logic with other Religions

It’s selective & the irrational hate liars at FOX aren’t even trying anymore

More Debt Ceiling Douche Baggery

Everyone sees it’s just really bad community theater. They’ll raise the debt ceiling

(I’ll fixa the ceiling!”)

But why’s that? Because Wall Street is yelling at them to “do it”

And Wall Street owns the entire Republican party, and some Dems

(“Who’s owned by Wallstreet?”)

So they will, & if or when Obama caves all Progressives’ll let out a sigh

Followed up by “Same shit, different sandwich”

Gay Couple Forced To Inside Out T-Shirt at Dollywood

Um, I’m all for freedom of speech. I rely on it for my job

And I defend the rights of the LBGT community

But if you’re at Dollywood making a rational political point, you’re probably lost

(Girls will like girls)

What did the shirt even say? “Marriage is so gay”

Ok, that’s really really really silly, and person who told them is super silly

But I have to ask. First off, who the fuck even goes to Dollywood?

Did your trip to Ceder Point Ohio fall through?

Maybe, when you cashed in the “coin jar” you only had $137 instead of $157

If we’re looking to Dollywood for a litmus test of tolerance or good choices

We already lost…badly

Have a day!

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