The Wu Tang Underaged Clan?

July 27th, 2011

Delightful Democrat David Wu from Oregon is “stepping down”

(Wu won’t talk to you)

Ok, so what is it, an affair? Sex with an underage girl? Doing coke off a mirror?

An incident(sex) with the daughter of a longtime friend & donor-who’s now 18

Turns out he’s also married, with kids

BANG! Two outta three ain’t bad. Wait, wasn’t Wu on Star Trek?

(Wu in space?)

That’s pretty f-ed up. The daughter of your best friend AND donor?

He paid you big money, so you could hump his daughter

Why not just piss in the guys Cheerio’s every morning for an entire year

(Now add pee)

It might hurt a lot less. Seriously, you shit the buddy code bed pal

It’s bad enough she’s under age which is illegal, but it’s YOUR BUDDY’S KID?

The best photo to surface of him to date predicting this train wreck?

(It was grrrrrrrrrreat)

Oh, you can’t put a price on this stuff. Unless you actually put a price on this stuff

Only 13 hours after the entire incident, someone put together this painting of him

(A piece of Wu for You)

For sale. And now we wait to see how many more girls…

Houston We Have A Tea Party Deficit Problem

Turns out, being a Republican is pretty tough these days

(Shit balls)

The infighting between Republican’s and Tea Party Republicans is hot

Tea Turds don’t like Boehner, Cantor, or McConnell “bargaining”

Or even trying to “compromise” ever. Then nothing gets done then, ever

They think all those Republican leaders aren’t “Conservative enough”


Hey, why are we all in debt again? Two wars, and the Bush Tax Cuts

Then what do the Tea Party(paid votes for the wealthy) idiots keep screaming?

“Keep ALL the tax cuts in place, and kill all the spending”

I’m guessing they don’t realize THEY’RE PAID BY THE GOVERNMENT

(Legit now)

Let me get this: “guberment $ is really bad for EVERYONE else”, but fine for me

Meh, you could always be a Democrat, which means you’re a pussy with no spine

Between an uncompromising child with a titanium spine, and a guy with no spine

I’ll take neither

The Next Big Thing: E-Baby, Buy Or Sell Your Baby Here

It’s an instant money maker during touch financial times


Why doesn’t Congress think of these gems? Big ol’ silly heads

The healthy white one’s go for a nice price…

Have a day!

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