About you. They’re not even trying anymore

Look at the Debt Ceiling issue that they’re balking on


Unless you’re a CEO, CFO, Wall Street Executive, or Banker; suck it

They’re like childish sociopaths in suits only fighting for the wealthy

(GOP base “eye covers”)

Let’s do a “Simple Analogy Here”

Dad is the Republicans(“assholes”), and Mom is the Democrats(“pussy’s”)

And we all live in a big house together called The United States:

Due to many factors, our house is broke. No more $, nadda, zip

(Bad GOP parenting)

But sadly, on August 2nd all our bills are still due

The reason we’re broke is because because Dad spent like crazy on stupid shit

$6 trillion on golden moon boots with diamond soles for all his wealthy pals


He also helped Wall Street buddies in massive debt from their own mistakes

And finally two really expensive foreign security systems we pay for daily

Now mom has also spent heavy recently, but to increase the value of our home

(Fix it faster asshole)

Like new sod for the brown lawn, windows, pipes, and fixed our leaky roof

But with less money coming in, we’re now ALL asked to pull our weight

Sacrifice a little more to make it through this tough time together

(Dad says, “Fuck no”)

The house all sits down at the kitchen table and agrees

The twins will take on more baby sitting jobs then they have now

The boys will cut lawns for extra cash and start a business

Mom even gets a 2nd job. All the kids buy used books

(Mom, looks “R. Kelly fit”)

Have less school supplies, generic soda, take the bus more often to save on gas

Mom shops less, makes due with dresses & shoes she already owns, no cable

We don’t go out for dinner, and no 1st run movies unless it’s a special day

Then there’s Dad. He lost his job almost four years ago

Aside from his unemployment, he hasn’t contributed anymore for a long time

He sits in his chair, drinks, and screams “All liberals are evil black power Muslims”

(“I hate the coloreds”)

He won’t do the “shared sacrifice” part. No sir, not at all

In fact, he wants is a brand new 70 inch 3-D plasma, a newer car

A more expensive lake house, & do piles of coke with stripper friends he pays

(WTF in hand signals)

Um Dad, our American house says, “FUCK YOU! Get out!”

Republicans REFUSE shared sacrifice. Will, not, ever, have it

They look at “our debt problem” as a insanely rich person

It’s “your” problem with “spending” on the poor & middle class

Not “ours” with both spending, and cutting revenue(Tax cuts)

(Dad is abusive)

A pile of you really stupid people elected these Tea Turd bozo’s

Now you know what people who scream insane shit from the sidelines

Look like when trying to lead on basic policy issues. They can’t

They’re just loud idiots screaming, “Suck it, I’m helping the rich get richer!”

Andrew Fartburp And Comeuppence

The law suit is moving forward against Breitbart

(Only shit comes out my mouth)

Shirley Sherrod will have her day in court, and she will win

When you edit content to make somebody say what was not said

Yet claim to be a “news source”, then you’re Rupert Murdoch

Fartburp claims “But it’s free speech”. No fuckwad

There are limits to it like Inciting, Libel, Slander, etc

And I hope she takes this lying pile of fuckall to the cleaners

Have a day!

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