Trump Has Been Impeached…

December 18th, 2019

Today, on December 18th, the 45 President of

United States Was Impeached. History Is Now


watching what will happen next in the Senate

History, Will Be VERY Kind To The Democrats

who Conducted themselves Soberly, following

the facts & the rules of the House. And history

will “Remember” the Republicans as Just loud,

rule breaking Partisan Cowards, All allied with

A Criminal King, Over Country, & Constitution

There is NO Recovery for Their Party now and

it’s ALL Self-inflicted. Everytime they speak, it

is ANOTHER, “Political Ad” AGAINST Them, By

every opponent. When your Defense to crimes


are “Hey, I didn’t see nuthing shut up!”, that’s

an abdication of honor, oath & fitness to office

No defense was made & they knew it happend

In their blind Servitude to a racist criminal Kid

they forgot it’s our fucking Country. And that’s

unacceptable. SO, I GIVE you Teddy Roosevelt

“For anyone to announce there must be no criticism of the
President….is morally Treasonable to the American Public”

NOTE: Our Sound Economic Recovery Has Been Squandered
On tax cuts & deregulation according To Harvard Economists

Have a day!


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