While Lev Parnas gettin’ a Russian Loan Made

him a massive flight risk in court, the walls are


closing in on Rudy quickly. Expect him to now

be Arrested/Detained/’Questioned’ within The

next 2 Weeks. Merry X-Mas Rudy boy! As this

Is moving along, Orange Fuckstick Decided to

puke a Tantrum on 6 Pages of Paper to Pelosi

It was Absolutely “Unhinged” baseless bullshit

not remotely found In Reality. It boils down to

a Child Screaming “But, NO!”. Ahem, Yes. You

are fucked, done over Impeached. And as the

entire Republican Party Sink Away forever, we


see Mitch/Most Republican Senators About To

legally “Violate”, The Impartiality “Oath” They

are Supposed to take before an Impeachment

THIS is as Serious as it Gets people. See, they

have to take the Oath, then sign it. So If they

decided To Violate it, they Can be Censured or

also removed from office; Your move Assholes

And, your Getting In 2020 so It is all over now

The “Impeachment Vote”, Happens Tomorrow!

NOTE: Manafort Hospitalized With “Cardiac Arrest”
He Loves To Do The Crime, But Can’t Do The Time

Have a day!


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