Pelosi Keeps Articles & Debate…

December 19th, 2019

The Impeachment Articles Will be sent to the

Senate, ONLY When McConnell And Schumer


decide a rational, realistic format & the Rules

are in place “Ensuring” an Impartial, fair trial

Just like they did in the Clinton Impeachment

It, Is A CLEAR ‘Message’ Mosscow Mitch Can’t

just “Partisan fix It”, rig, or even railroad this

Serious Historic Moment. Boom! Pelosi’s Now

handling This Solemn Moment Correctly, And

it’s Pissing off Partisan Clowns unaware of her

fierce tactical decision making. And as Orange

Asshole Slides down the Drain, he insulted the


Widow, of A WWII Congressional Hero Saying

he was in “Hell”. This isn’t normal, or funny at

all. It’s disgustingly vile, cruel, and hateful shit

Also Tonight, The Democratic Master Debaters

take the Stage to Pitch their Policies to citizens

& voters. Let’s see what they offer folks tonight

NOTE: Evangelical Magazine Called For “Grossly Immoral”
Trump To Be Removed From Office. Wow They’re Leaving

Have a day!


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