That’s it. Donald J. Trump is going to be

Impeached. Nancy Pelosi just made that

(“One more ?”)

clear today. We don’t know yet if he will

be “Removed”. That will be up to the US

Senate. And With 23 of Those R’s All up

for Re-election, they’re Fucked with any

Vote They Cast. As Mitt, & Lindsay Both,

are ‘Breaking’ With Trumpites about the

“debunked” Ukraine “Meddling” Russian

Propaganda (Barr Was Just Told By The

IG as well); Pelosi Shut down a reporter


who tried Partisan Dumb-fuckery today

Like A BOSS. The Douche from Sinclair

asked “Do you hate Trump?!”. She said:

“I don’t hate Anyone. I was Raised in a way that is
a heart full of love & always pray for the president
And I still pray for The President. I pray for (Him)
all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes
to words like that”(then steely walked out to work)


She & ALL leaders in Office aren’t fuckin’

around here. It is Deadly serious. And in

Republicans not remotely graspin’ this &

citizens all moving to Impeach & remove

GOP’er all find Themselves in some deep,

dark, cold waters, sinking fast. Oooooops

Have a day!


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