UK Elections & Danger Looms…

December 11th, 2019

Ad the United Kingdom Votes today for Their

General Election to actually have people who

(“I’m fucked!”)

represent Them; the Tory’s are In deep shit

Their lead In Polling Massively narrowed. In

fact, if Turnout is High today, it will be razor

thin. Which Means, Based On This Model We

can NOT rule Out A “Hung” Parliament. That

is serious. It only happens/matters If you all

VOTE. The Good People of the UK, will select

their Government. What They Pick will Effect

them for the Next 60 Years. You Best choose

wisely. And as this Is Happening, The Senate

(Ya done!)

held hearin’s today about an IG report. The

biggest Problem For Trump/ Cabinet/ House

Republicans is statin’ that “Ukraine did NOT

meddle in The ’16 election“, “There Was no

BIAS to the start of the Russia Investigation

in ANY way”, “There was NO Wiretapping of

ANY Kind Of Trump / Trump Tower!”. These

are ALL Damning. And worse yet, Barr & the

other partisan Clown Durham Tried to HURT

IG Report Maker, Horowitz. It ALL Backfired

(We know)

Then, there were your “other”, “Harder right”

Mike Lee Trumpers, Blathering away Lying &

saying Partisan Propaganda that Was NOT In

the report. Geeez, they’re all in Deep Trouble

NOTE: The Two Evil Nothings, Who Senselessly Killed
6 People In Jersey City “targeted” a Jewish store And
You Can Bet All the Facts will come out. Always does
NOTE II: Turtle McConnell ‘floats’ a FAST Senate trial
With No Witnesses. Meaning, They Would Be At Odds
With Trump/ Trumper’s To Blow Out The Trial. And It
Indicates, a “Fix” May Be In Which Would PISS Off all
Voters Taking It Out On Republicans at the Ballot Box

Have a day!


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