Holy shit! The Entire Republican Party Left

standing Today can’t Seem to “Pluck” their

(Light it!)

heads from their Asses long enough for the

“popping” sound to say Something Dumber

And Their Own FOX Bubble Is “Turning” On

them now. A poll says 54% of FOX viewers

want Trump Impeached 50% of them want

him REMOVED. You ya Read That Correctly

FOX morning Turds Were in Shock And the

polls will get Worse every day. The facts in

question; are NOT in Question. And, so it is

only ‘Fitting’ Rudy G Would Fuck Things up

(“I crime!”)

even more. He just openly “admitted” that

He, “Needed Yovanovitch, Out Of The Way”

Dumbest Criminals Ever. Down they all Go

RIP: Know It’s Late But Danny Aiello Died At 86. A full
Life Indeed. Spike Lee’s: Do The Right Thing. And How
about the movie Dinner Rush? Watch it thank me later

Have a day!


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