The FBI’s ‘Russia Probe’ has been Fully

exonerated by an ‘IG Report’. This is A

(We Know)

Massive Blow To Trump/His Followers

who shout debunked “deep state” bull

shit lunacy lies. And It gets way worse

from here. During this house Judiciary

committee today; the two legal people

who Questioned the Witnesses in their

other Setting of The House Intelligence

Committee. Castor looked Confused, &

even ‘Selectively Took Control’ of these

(Bring it!)

proceedin’s away from A female lawyer

speaking longer for Her/Over Her. This

hearing today was devastatin’ for every

Single Republican, In Office, & America

They had No Defense of the facts about

Trumps Unconstitutional Actions. They

showed no facts, no proof & no defense

They did have Plenty of Fallacies, lies &

conjecture. Everything, From Shoot The

(Collins is fucked)

Messenger, to ‘Ad Hominem’, To Straw

Man. Rep Collins looked like a Jabberin’

jackass “unworthy” of office. All of The

defining Moments’ll never be Forgotten

Republicans Have All Ended their Party

Have a day!


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