Wow, this week seemed a lot longer then every

other week. Wait, that can be said since the fat

(We know)

orange anus took office; as the rest of the real

world celebrates our Common Goals, love And

equality…in Oklahoma they want to have a big

ol’ Klan Rally for Dump. And likely Get ‘sick’ &

die From It. Ohhhhh, Neato. It’s a Loud Moron

about to step into A “Machine” That Slaughters

them Yelling “You Can’t tell Me What to do and

If I Want to Ride This Here Rolly Coaster, Then

by Gum, I’ll RIDE IT!”. You Go Ahead Ace. The


rest of Humanity doesn’t want to be anywhere

NEAR your Hateful idiot Fat Virus Carrying Ass

NOTE: Cop Who Shot & MURDERED Breonna Taylor Was
Fired but NOT ARRESTED for killing her. It will not stand

Have a “safe” weekend!

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