Draggin’ Them All Down…

June 25th, 2020

As Florida, Texas, & Arizona Are Blowing Thru the

roof with new cases. The only blue state exception


is California. Gavin ‘Should Have Kept’ “Shelter In

Place longer. But these other Places Are simply all

super disco fucked because they all have no damn

leadership who enacted best medical, viral, or any

Scientific/CDC ‘Practices’ in Place. This’s like a guy

yelling “Gravity doesn’t exist!” As they stepoff the

edge of a cliff. Well Gravity sure asfuck believes in

you ‘Jagoff’. And as All of this happens, we have a

fat, Racist, Lying Immoral Moron in Charge who is

watching this Horror without a Fucking care in the

(<-Ya Idiots)

world. He’s no only cascading face first down a hill

he’s ‘Dragging’ the Entire GOP with him. And they

deserve everything Coming To Them since they all

did everything he wanted, stood by him and loved

him This ENTIRE Time Saying “Absolutely Nothing”

They are all Going down like a Fat drunk on skates

Have a “safe” day!


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