The SCOTUS just Ruled Abortions Are Still Very

much legal dealing a crushing blow to Rumpers

(Bounty Law)

hateful hard right religious base. As orange ass

is busy Doing Nothing to stop a Pandemic, now

it seems Russia is Targeting our Soldiers in war

zones(in theater) with ‘bounty’s’ on their heads

WTF?!?! And ‘Fat Ass’ Said he Knew Nothing at

all about it. BULLSHIT he Didn’t. He’s been Fat

Putin’s bitch since he Rolled Into this joint, and

hasn’t ever Stopped. But His “Election Chances”


are nose-diving. It doesn’t mean Shit unless We

all vote. Treat it like he’s up 10 points instead of

down 15+. Run “It Up” On him to Kill Their Party

of Hate forever. We are done with this Racism &

every state, even the red one’s are ‘done’ with it

NOTE: Sasha Baron Cohen Trolled The Racist Right In
Such A Way, They Never knew What Hit Em. Ha ha ha

Have a “safe” day!


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