As COVID Kills 120,632 American lives the

Republican Party / Trump All Do Nothing At

(<-Let em die)

All. NOTHING. Not A Fucking Thing. In Four

short years, all they have brought this good

country is; hate. And now today the highest

court In the land overruled trumps hate yet

Again. DACA Stands. It Stands As A Tribute

to Who WE ARE As A Nation. And When the

racist Peddling “Bleak Hellish Landscape” Of

Facebook bans your Racist Nazi Trump Shit

You not only Went too far, there Is nowhere

(Nazi Symbol)

left to go from here but into the Dust Bin of

history Itself. Polling is Getting Worse Daily

NOTE: A Series Of Black Men Hanging From Tree’s Has
Caused A Grieving Nation to Demand Answers. None Of
these have proven suicide yet. Investigate get the facts
NOTE II: A “That 70’s Low” Star Danny Masterson, Was
Arrested And Charged With 3 Rapes. Good, Don’t Crime

Have a “safe” day!


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