In today’s world,you take ANY good news

you can. The House “Passed” a bill where


DC is our 51st state. Forget that’s will just

die in the R’s Senate. And while This Viral

pandemic has Killed over 127,329 lives of

American Citizens, certain States that ALL

IGNORED Quarantine, masks or enforcing

the CDC Guidelines Are SPIKING In Cases

Florida, Arizona, Texas. Theyre all fucked

(Florida cases)

Where As: Illinois, New Jersey, New York,

Pennsylvania, Mass, Michigan….and Many

more have this contained. Its because all

of them used Medical Science, guidelines,

contact tracing in place & more. While all

the “Other REPUBLICAN Lead Places” just

ignored it “opening early”. The cow is not

just out of the Barn. She’s 9 farms over &

(We Know)

closing 1/4 of the other split door will not

do jack shit. They are all fully responsible

NOTE: 3 Cops Were Caught On Camera Making Vile
Racist Comments About “Slaughtering” Black People
This Shit Must Be Fully Purged from Every Cop Shop

Have a “safe” weekend!


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