We have a loud, racist, lying, fat Orange

Toddler, holding the highest office in the

(“Get down!”)

land. Things have “Gotten So bad”, they

hired A Young airhead PR fraud to lie to

the Public about just how Ignorant he is

He was told Many Times about Russia &

Their Targeting Of Our Troops In Harms

way. He IGNORED them. And So, When

they were Trying to get a Hold of him to

take down a tweet with a supporter who

yells “White Power”, they couldn’t reach

(“Natural Born Losers”)

Him For ‘3 Hours’. THREE HOURS! Holy

fucking shit. We don’t have President in

these “Dire times”. Dr. Fauci was on the

Hill Today Painting A Grim Picture if We

don’t CHANGE ‘Course’. R-Ron DeStanis

won’t fully shut Florida down. In fact he

has been WRONG every step of the way

RIP: Comedy Writing/Acting Legend Carl Reiner
has passed away at The Age Of 98. A full Life &
One of the Kindest, “Smartest”, Funniest People
Who Ever Worked In The Industry. He Was Also
in WWII. Watch Oceans 11 series, or a Dick Van
Dyke Episode. He was ‘Simply Perfect’. Enjoy It!
NOTE: A Racist White Guy In Florida……….Again!

Have a “safe” day!

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  1. Car Wreckers Yard Ringwood

    I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

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