In what can only be called the biggest fail

since Crystal Pepsi was served at the flick

(<-Maga Fail)

Gigli, Driven There in An Edsel ALL While

Wearing The Google Glasses. Trumps Big

rally of Hate, turned out to be A little wet

fart stain on tattered tighty whitey’s. The

turn out was below 6,200 & While he has

been ‘Mocked Mercilessly’, He Took It SO

hard… Was Delicious Schadenfreude At

it’s finest. The Entire Country & the world

has moved past the orange stain of racist

hate. And Will All work Tirelessly to Make


this Nation a more Perfect Union. And we

Will Without Republicans, Trump & Those

who Turned Away from our USA, favoring

hate. See there’s No room left for ya here

NOTE: COVID Cases Spike In “Early” States While
The States Who Were ‘Cautious’ Are Re-Opening &
about to flourish. Medical Science, facts and reality
Aren’t A “Game”. They, Are Matters of Life & Death

Have a “safe” day!


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