The White House, Republican’s, And

Trump Are Massively Fucked & They

(“Shit ends now!”)

must all be shitting themselves daily

Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller

is now The Special Prosecutor Going

forward to show Trump’s Russia ties

It’s also going To Focus on Trumpy’s

firing of Comey to stop his Flynn lies

It’s almost over just a few more tiny

surprises, But Trump is TOAST Folks

This will Not Only Prove Russian Ties

Directly To Trump From Page, Flynn,


Manafort, Kushner, and Many, many

More. Trump Goes Down On Several

Charges : Obstruction Of Justice And

High Treason(In taking Russian cash

For Favors/Intel & laundering It Into

all His Hotels/Business’s). If You Are

in the White House Today, know that

you Are Likely Going down with Him

This shit isn’t some ‘game’ this is the

most Serious Anti-American Shit I’ve

(Bye, Bye!)

ever Seen In My lifetime. You Are All

Directly Enabling Illegal Lawlessness

and that will ultimately end you shits

NOTE: Rodger Alies Died At 77 And It
Signifies The End Of His ‘Lies & Hate’
Brand Of Toxic Partisan Hackery Shit
Put It This Way, The Man’s Main Goal
Was, To Make $ ‘Lying’ To ‘Old Racist’
Assholes Spewing Toxic Political LIES
While Also Sexually Assaulting Ladies
He Will Not Be Missed, No Songs Will
Be Sung. The “World”, Was A “Darker”
Place, With Him In It. Glad He’s Gone
NOTE II: This, Is “Quite Possibly” The
Finest Summation For People Workin’
Under Trump, That I Have Ever Read

Have a day!

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