Jim Comey has A Memo and that piece

of Paper, Along With All His Testimony

(“You’re fucked!”)

Under Oath, Will ‘Likely’ Take Trumpers

Down For Good. If it is All Confirmed &

it Appears to Be Right Now, it is time to

Talk “impeachment”. He’s fucked, toast

And Most Importantly, STILL Continue

the Admins Russian Ties Investigations

then you add Treason to The list. Where

Are Republican leaders?!? Hiding From

the Press/Media because they’re simply

terrified & unable to answer all these ?’s

(We know)

Only 2 have attempted to come forward

with Angus King (You Can’t make these

names up, was Beef Royalty taken?!?!?)

and McCain saying This is a “Watergate

in size & scale” but even worse. And the

Democrats are Simply calling for all the

facts. If true, It’s so Impeachment Time

And What is Lying Paul Ryan saying?!?!

Trying, To Even Protect Trump By Lying

saying “It is so Obvious there are Some

(Coming Soon!)

people out there who want to Harm the

President”. No, This, Is Obstruction Of

Justice And Likely “Treason”. The only

harming here is being done by Trumpy

And then the Fucking evil villain out of

some horror book tried to sell Tax cuts

You Read That Correctly! This vile POS

tied his lying Asshole wagon to Trumpy

and deserves Everything coming at him

NOTE: A 3rd Confederate Statue Comes
Down In New Orleans. The Government
Doesn’t Need, To Spend $ 4 Treasonous
Racist Statues Tryin’ To Rebrand Racism

Have a day!

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