Evil Terror & The Slap…

May 23rd, 2017

This is horror……AGAIN. And This will

one day stop. Never All together, but

(Islamic Terrorism)

it will be few & far between. A terror

Attack at A Concert In London killed

22 injuring 100. This, will, not Stand

anymore. Use every resource to spot

radicalized Zealots of ANY stripe And

take them down. ISIS is only 20,000

to 31,500, Out Of 1.6 Billion In 2010

I’ll never put Faces Up unless we are

still Searching for Them. They get no

notoriaty, no fame or no attention to

their Hateful Causes. They, will get 0

(United we stand)

Speakin’ of Stupid shit, Michael idiot

Flynn Can NOT Plead The 5th. He is

already done The Acts and the FBI &

CIA Have Proof. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Welcome To ‘Jail’ Fuck Face Treason

Turd. He & Trumps crew are all toast

The Hand Slap…

Trump and his Wife are clearly havin

Problems. Shit, She lives in NYC And


NOT with him. Any Alarm Bells There

Ringing?!?! They Should Be. Watch it

Oooooooooooops. That has That “Get

the fuck out of hear with that bullshit”

vibe. Now that Trump is out of the US

right now, it Feels a little like a bully’s

gone from the playground. Good, and

when he Gets back, he might not be a

Sitting POTUS Anymore. Ha ha ha ha!

Have a day!

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