Flynn Pleads The 5th…

May 22nd, 2017

It only gets worse from here. Disgraced

Traitor Michael Flynn Just took The Fifth

(What now?!?!)

And it’s Because He Wasn’t granted any

“Immunity”. Law enforcement normally

doesn’t Have to do that when they have

all The Information Already. Ooooooops

Flynn will not turn over Documents and

the funny part?!? The FBI/CIA/Etc likely

already Have Knowledge of Them. If the

committee didn’t, they’d consider giving

him Immunity. Prepare for Bombs Daily

(Wait, what?!?)

on This. Especially with Comey testifyin’

right after Memorial Day Break. Fucked

(And Forget this isn’t a trial so he can not
legally do this and will be forced to speak)

NOTE : Clearly, Trumps Wife Melania, Is
Not Impressed With The Traitor In Chief
NOTE II: Horrific Terrorist Attack Kills 19
And We Will Find Out Exactly Who Did It

Have a day!

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