Trump Openly Admitted he released

Highly Classified Intelligence, To The

(Bye Bye!)

Russians(Sergey Lavrov, and Sergey

Kislyak) last Wednesday. Wheels are

Officially Off The ‘Chump Train’ As It

Barrels off the Tracks plummeting to

the ravine below. Republicans are all

Calling For An “Independent Special”

Prosecutor To Review All Of Russia’s

influence in our Government today &

it ends most of this lyin White House

They’re Solely Doing This, to attempt

(We know!)

savin’ Their seats in 2018/2020 when

all of Trumps Lawlessness Impeaches

His Fat, Lying, Moronic Anus. Trumpy

Does Have A Power to Declassify our

Intelligence. Not Our Allies. And now,

This And About 20 Other Charges will

End The Reign of Putin’s Bitch Trump

The 1917 Espionage Law (title 18, Us

Code §§ 793 (d)-(e), & 798) is Also A


likely legal Tool to take Trumpy down

NOTE: Mike Quinn Correctly Calls Out
Lying R-Kevin Cramer In Town Hall, &
Then Apologizes For Stuffing $ At Him
BREAKING  :  Trump Asked Comey To
“Let The Flynn Thing Go” And, Comey
‘Documented’ That All. He’s FINISHED

Have a day!

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