Investigation. This signals the end for

Orange Anus Donny Rump. It is called


‘Obstruction Of Justice’. Trump Will Go

down, & he admitted the reason he did

Fire Comey, was To “End” The Russian

investigation. News Flash, All Of These

investigations are still going on & most

are already complete. Trump Admitted

this and this is the fastest route for his

exit. He clearly Doesn’t Want the Potus


gig anymore, but does not “Grasp” how

this Ends with Him Jailed/Tried for high

Treason. The Insanity, Ignorance, Hate,

lies, racism and now violating every law

are the only reasons we are here, is the

Orange Anus’s actions. Period, he’s Doa

NOTE: Drunk Racist Trumper Get Jailed
And Cries After Harassing A Kind Family
NOTE II: 59 Yearold Brad Grey So Sadly
Passed Away This Weekend From cancer
He Was A Legend In Our Business. Love!
UPDATE  :  Trump Reveled Highly Secret
Classified Material, To “Russian Officials”

Have a day!

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