Chumps “Muslim Ban” was thrown out

AGAIN. So, much, winnin’ right Trump

(They did!)

toads?!?!? It is an executive order with

unconstitutional Animus against a very

“specific” religious Group. That will not

legally Stand. But don’t Expect Trumpy

to Legally Grasp This Fact. He does not

understand legal realities. He never did

Look how many times the Fuckwad has

gone to Court losing “Bigly” (cough) oh

remember His Con lie School Trumpers


(Lying moron!)

University? He’s a Trainwreck on top of

Mountain Of Bullshit Lies, wrapped In a

lying asshole straightjacket. T-O-A-S-T!

Republican’s Fake Lying Tears

Mark Meadows (R-NC) somehow states

He “Didn’t Know” The New “Healthcare”

(crocodile tears)

bill “Cuts” coverage, & raises cots for all

So then, Solely Fearing for his OWN ass

came the fake “Water Works” tears as if

sociopaths Can Cry. Ahem, he helped to

WRITE the Legislation & Didn’t Know its

main Points?!? These lying Assholes are

pure Evil. They Solely Serve the top .3%

Hint : You, And Nobody You Know, Is IN

that. Vote Republican, this is what u get

A Tax Cut for Top .3%, taking care away

NOTE: Republican “Bully Asshole” Body
Slams A Reporter Asking About The Big
Health Care Bill ‘CBO Scoring’. He, Was
Charged With Assault. What An Asshole
Newspapers Pulled Support From Him 2
NOTE II: Betsy DeVos, Can Not, Answer
BASIC Questions, About, Discrimination
She AVOIDED The Entire Question, Due
To, Her Big Appreciation, Of Racist Hate

Have a day!

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