Dean Womer Said…

July 20th, 2016

“Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to

go through life, son”. It “appears”

10.-Dean-Wormer(“Out with it!”)

that Chris Christie didn’t get that

Message. Last Nights Crazy RNC

Dysfunctional ‘CON-vention’ Was

no ‘different’. Tonight and finally

tomorrow will be ‘No different’ as

well. All Insane Hate Lies, And It

speaks Volumes to the Imminent

Immolation. Did they Offer “Any”

valid policy positions?! Nope. Did

they offer Solutions to Any of the

Chris Christie(“This size Hotdog”)

countries Problems?! Ah, fuck no

It’s simply “Attack Obama, & yell

Hillary is X!!!” Non-stop. The fun

part? A convention’s supposed to

Unify & Expand The Reach. Welp

they got the 1st one in Bigotland

& the 2nd gets Him ‘crushed’ in a

landslide. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

A Scott Baio, Antonio Sabato and

Tiffany Trump Are Those “Voices”

Donald-Trump-Jr-RNC(Daddy is great!)

to stump for Trump?!? Was Larry

The Cable Douche busy?!?! BUZZ

Drumpf is Officially The GOP Guy

for 2016. And, that ‘should’ be so

scary to Republicans since it does

signal the end of Their Party. And

do they care? Nope. Fine with me

NOTE: So The 3rd Eye Blind Lead
Singer Did A “Free Show” For The
RNC And Spoke Out In ‘Favor’ Of
Gay Rights, Science, & Didn’t Play
Any Of Their Hits As An FU. They
Booooooed, And Jenkins Laughed
NOTE II: Leslie Jones, Got ‘Racist’
Hate On Twitter….Until She Quits
The “Racists” On Twitter Are Pure
Evil And Twitter Best Crack Down
RIP: Gary Marshall, Comedy, And
Sitcoms, And Movies Were All His
Legend He Was TV’s Shakespeare

Have a day!

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