Last Night in DiscoBatShitCrazy

Land, or the RNC Convention, it

Ted-Cruz-Booed with new crawl(“Hey now!”)

was booooo’s from above as Ted

Cruz didn’t formally endorse the

Drumpf. Then the Booooooooo’s

came raining down. This is like a

High School Hallway, Pretending

to Be A Thoughtful Political Rally

It’s little more than Insults, hate,

Lies, Ignorance, & Puffy Ego’s all

chattering about NOTHING. See

they offer no Policies, no ideas &

High School Hallway idiots(High School Hallway)

no solutions. But plenty of Puffy

Platitudes of BullShit. Tonight’ll

be no Different. Drumpf will not

do or be Anything different than

he has been the entire time; and

it just never will be. This is not a

Serious Campaign, with any real

policies or facts. So, sit back and

Play “Drinking Game’s” Tonight,

Drinking game(Yes)

knowing, that’s the only way you

can watch this Lunatic Disco Shit

NOTE: Hillary, Makes Her Big VP
Pick Tomorrow. If She Goes With
The ‘Weak’, Bland, Establishment
Pick, That Is Trouble. If She Goes
With A “Progressive”, Look Out It
Means They Are “Serious” ‘About’
The Election ‘Now’. Time Will Tell
(Booker, Brown, or Warren Win!)
NOTE II: “Bigoted” American Air-
Lines Flight Attendant, ‘Calls’ Out
A Muslim Passenger & Kicks Him
Off The Flight. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Have a day!

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