Normally on a Friday, it’s all comedy

but the RNC just ended with the king

Trump shouting at RNC The Chancellor yelling

turd in the punch bowl, who is loudly

floating in a frothy slog of Fear, Hate,

Ignorance, And Big Fact-Free Lunacy

Imagine ‘Wasting’ an Hour :15 of the

Chancellor From V For Vendetta. The

“substance” was: lies, fear, no policy,

false statistics, no solutions, and hate

Hope? Plans? Ideas? Policy?! Or ways

to achieve anything he’s saying?!? No

It’s typical boilerplate forĀ fascism 101

Trump pointing fingers wildly(“You Bow now!”)

The “wacky” Trump us all comedians

have even savored is Gone. He is full

on Fascist Fuhrer mode. Wow, never

in My Lifetime, Have I Ever seen this

level of Hate. N-E-V-E-R. It’s sad but

also Gives Me “Hope” come Fall. The

“Debates” will be an epic spanking of

The Donald. And, that’s coming hard

NOTE: And More Of Racist Evil Cops
Abusing A Minority. This, Must, Stop
NOW. This, Is Totally “Unacceptable”

Have a weekend!

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