The Republican Convention, is Underway

this entire Week In Cleveland. Which just

RNC in Cleveland_1401763313188_5809878_ver1.0_640_480(Likely They Will)

means: Prepare for the Most Insane “Shit

Show” on Earth. Open Carrying, big Loud

racists chantin’ “USA” “Build the wall!” or

“All lives matter” It’s like A Heart Disease

Diabetes II amputee fat Nuremberg Rally

Imagine, if you have a bunch of big racist

rednecks walkin’ into A Chili’s after about

15 beers, armed to the teeth & looking to

find minorities to verbally or even actually

terrorize. This will be the shit show to end

Zombie Reagan(They’d die for it)

all Shit Shows. OR it will be the last FART

of a Dying, Hateful old party long overdue

You know Shit is Rough, when Tim Tebow

tells you “Gotta pass. You people are Just

utterly fucking racist idiots!”. That’s like a

career D+ Student lookin’ down on you as

somebody to “Avoid” Being Around Today

BUT, the UFC President Will Speak. Ha!!!!

Good News: You will be ‘Tuning’ in, & just

drinking heavily to deal With This Insanity

Colbert funny bot on Hunger Games(The Shudder Games)

It will be Like ‘Binge Watching’ THE worst

shit you have ever seen in your entire life

Bad News: It might also end up in horrific

violence or horror stories all about racism

I’m hoping for, the Good News Part above

NOTE: Horror In Baton Rouge, LA. Again
This Time It Was An ‘Insane Racially’ Evil
Asshole Randomly ‘Killing Cops’ Again. IT
Can, Not, Stand!! Peaceful Protest Only &
Only That Always. There’s No Acceptance
About Anyone Taking Anyone’s Life. Bad!
NOTE II: TexASS Governor, Tries To Ban
Abortion By Placing ‘Lunatic Demands’ Of
“Burying” The Fetus, & Remains Of Every
Abortion. WTF!?!?!? How Is He Not Jailed
For Wastin’ Tax Payers $ On Insane Shit?

Have a day!

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