History has been Made Again at the

DNC. So, after Obama it’s a Woman

Hillary accepts via satlitte(<-Robot Voice: “Accepted!”)

Hillary is the DNC nominee. And all

the Sanders supporters don’t Like it

at all. They feel slighted, and Were!

What was Hillary’s Reaction?!?! Not

good. But it will Get Better. She will

offer Progressives Policies That They

will all like. However, All The People

shouting, “Bernie Or Bust” just don’t

grasp Electoral Map realities. If they

Sarah Silverman speaking to Bernie People(Explaining It)

vote Jill Stein they hand the Election

to Trump. It’s honestly their Votes &

they simply Gotta “Grasp” that stark

reality of the choices. It would be the

Gore Vs W Bush 2000, all over Again

And I forget how did that turn out?!?

Ralph Nader ring a bell?! It would be

that but far more ‘Damaging’. They’ll

have a unified “Party” Tonight & also

Bill Clinton DNC speech 2016(“I speak pretty words”)

tomorrow. But Hillary ‘Best’ Appease

Sanders Voters & Fast. They all have

more In Common Than ANY Policy of

Trumps. Period. Make That Resonate!

NOTE: Trumpy ‘Leads’ The National
Election “Polling”, Right Now, By +2
This Is The Convention Bounce They
All Get; Hillary Will Get A Bounce As
Well. But Be Very Warned. This Is So
Serious. If Her Campaign Staff Stays
The Course, She’s So, In BIG Trouble
I Think, It Will ‘change’ After The 1st
Debate You Just Watch, It All Happen
NOTE II: Sox Won Again. Huge Win!!
The Cup Stays On The South Side!!!!

Have a day!

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