For Day II, the RNC will be Back

peddling on every level. Donny’s

Melania-998x557(<-A Robot?)

“Mail Order Bride” delivered this

great Speech. However it is the

EXACT same content as Michelle

Obama’s Speech for 26 out of 28

words in 2008. Ooooooooooooops

Is it “her” fault?!?! Nope. It is not

She is a ‘pawn’, she is Dumb, and

The Campaign Speech Writer is a

Foil for “Sure”. HOWEVER, if you

want to Be The POTUS, And Your


Campaign can’t detect Plagiarism

how can we “trust” you?!! We can

not. You’re a JOKE, Period and it

ends This Shit Show Train. It will

unravel Even Worse, with an Evil

& Ignorant Reaction. BUT THIS is

what the establishment wants. A

“Foil” to Vote Hillary for shits and

it is correct, but still right wing. It

is sad but “they” had to PUSH the

The panic-button(At The Disco?)

boundaries┬ásince we’re All Getting

sharper. 2020 will end this, & that

matters. The establishment’s very

terrified. And guess what?!!? They

SHOULD be. And they now all are

They want to talk about THIS and

ignore that “Hillary” should move

LEFT. To open the polls lead, and

end the ignorance. BUT will they?

Time will tell. So enjoy The Show!

NOTE: Rudy G The Racist Gave A
Very Bigoted, Very Sad, And Very
Divisive. This Entire Convention’s
One Big Plagiarized Rally From 68

Have a day!

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