Or, U just Playing Pocket Pinball

looking for your car keys? Bonus

Mini drone(Tiny Time!)

Boner!!!! Drones are so tiny now

they can Fit in Your Pocket. That

is sorta Fucked Up. Privacy is an

illusion I guess. So go enjoy your

weekend ‘peeps’. And remember,

‘Live’ for every moment for those

who can not any more. Right?!?!?

NOTE: Pure Horror In Nice. Our
Hearts Go Out To All Affected In
Such A Cowardly Act Of Evil And
We Will All Stand Together, That
Much ‘Tighter’. Terror Won’t Win
This, Must FUCKING STOP Now!!
NOTE II: The Bigot Boy Drumpfy
‘Took’ Pence, Like I Told You He
Would. All Over, But The Crying!

Have a weekend!

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