July 26th, 2016

The DNC has now become a funny

Simpsons ‘Episode’. Where, “Party”


leaders are asking “Are you saying

Boooooo or Booo-urns?”. They are

saying Boooooooooo. The only real

highlight last night?!?!?!?! Michelle

Obama’s Speech…that wasn’t lifted

from someone else. It’s not A Good

sign to have Hillary’s named booed

everytime mentioned. She has a lot

of work to do with her own party in

i-was-saying-boo-urns(“I said Boo-urns”)

the next 3 days. If she doesn’t Tack

To Bernie’s Followers Positions, She

lost this Convention big time people

Time will tell, but day 1 wasn’t good

NOTE: Sox Vs. Cubs Was Legit Last
Night With An Epic Sox Win 5-4, In
Dramatic ‘Fashion’. Win Again 2nite
NOTE II: The DNC Had Much Better
Ratings On Day 1 And Not The RNC
FYI- A Prominent Republican Leader
“Explains” The TeaOP Will Die While
Accepting Their Racist Reality Inside

Have a day!

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