Obama, pretty much did his usual

great speech. But what he did very

Obama pointing(Elected Again?)

different this time was try to frame

Hillary as his 3rd term. And in him

doing so, ‘undid’ the RNC. They all

were ‘Bashing’ Hillary. They forgot

to bash the guy who’s popular now

in the poll again. Oooooooooooops

He delivered a clear sign to Bernie

Supporters. “Check”. Talked, of all

his “accomplishments”. Check. He

talked about ‘His’ disappointments

and areas He Failed. Check. This’ll

spell A National Electoral Disaster

obama-hillary-2016-dnc-378x300(“Oh fuck thanks!”)

for ‘Drumpf’. His final Nail with be

the ‘Debates’. For all the shit we all

hate About Hillary & incompetence

isn’t one. This will be SO legendary

Billo Says Slaves Had It Great

And of course he did. He was really

Extra “Racisty” Last Night. What A

bill-oreilly-michelle-obama-slavery__oPt(Bigot Toy)

Racist Moron devoid of reality and

facts. He is simply An Overt Racist

who’s fucking around for his racist

audience. He claimed that: “Slaves

that worked there were wellfed and

had decent lodgin’s provided by the

Government”. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, boy

This “Just” In: “Racist thought just

bill-oreilly-800(Talking Anus)

saying ‘what he felt’ wasn’t racist &

by every Objective person totally is

But the average age of his audience

is…dead. As are his hatey racist lies

Have a day!

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