It’s very possible the Republicans can take back the

Senate, & hold the House. The only reasons?!?! The

Dont-care-vote(Apathy sucks!)

Democrats not running policy against them, apathy,

and voter turn out. If voters in America “stay home”

the Republicans ‘win’, period. It so reminds me of a

great saying; “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph

is that men of good will do nothing”. But……hold on

now. FOX’s, Billo “No White Privilege” O’Reilly’s got

something big to say about all voters this Mid-Term:

“Democrats have been very successful in convincing
some voters that the GOP favors the rich, & is Anti-
women. The Republican party, has not been able to
put forth a leader to refute those (claims) effectively”

Funny, you don’t have to really convince others what

Billo Moron(“I LIE!!!”)

is OVERTLY fucking true. Ya can’t “refute” what you

are jackass. Your POLICIES, all tell the specific story

dumbfuck. If ya vote Republican: you vote for no tax

big business, no livable wages, gutted education/any

social safety nets & wallstreet. You know, “Freedom”!

But he is not done projecting just yet. There is more:

“If you are voting for the country then you are
less likely to support the Democrats. But if you
are voting just for yourself, & what you can get
from the government the democratic philosophy
is attractive. We are in a dangerous complicated
world, we need problem solvers not” ideologues”

Holy shit, my “Projection Meter” just exploded into

pieces all over the place. Do you remember 2008?!?

Bill O'Reilly "Fuck me"(“Fuck me!”)

They’re just mad you know how the wealthy vote, &

it ain’t “for America”. It’s ALL for their pocket book

So it looks like voters with big #’ers finally woke up

Hannibal Buress Hits It

Full disclosure, I know Hannibal very well. We did a

lot of shows together even doing the Zanies Taste Of

Hannibal Buress(Solid comic)

Chicago tent gig by us sweating it out summer in 100

degree weather. He ‘pushed it’ on a Bill Cosby joke &

now got some traction. Why? Because it is a “pushed”

joke where he decided, to call Bill “A Rapist”. Mostly,

because after you look at the stuff he did, he probably

is. SO, Listen to the joke in it’s full content right here:

“Bill Cosby has the f-ing smuggest old black man public
persona that I hate. “Pull your pants up, black people. I
was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you, because I
had a successful sitcom”. Yeah, but you raped women,
Bill Cosby. So, [that] brings you down a couple notches.
“I don’t curse on stage”. But yeah……’re a rapist….”

The truth’s a power tool which comedians wield all the

time. This is no different. He is a solid comic, & a cool

friend. Sometimes you need to say unpopular things &

they show a larger truth. It is what it is………& it’s good

NOTE: The “Funniest Odd” Political Add This Season
NOTE II: Canada’s Extremist Shooting Terror Attack
No More Discussion On ISIS/ISIL; find & end em all
they’re a systemic cancer on a regularly good religion

Have a day!

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