This entire Mid-Terms is Southern Strategy 4.0

The Republican party, has NOTHING to run on,

lee_atwater_the_nation(We know!)

And the Democrats are so letting them. Because

they’re pussy’s, refusing to run on THE POLICY

This SHOULD, fail badly. If no one votes, it will

actually win, in the short term. But, the entire R

party of haters will END their entire party for all

years to come. It is a lose, lose proposition. They

can either lose this mid-term or lose in every one

moving forward. See “Obstruction & hate” aren’t

Lindsay Graham(We know!)

a platform for the future. It is, a “recipe” for their

extinction. Yet they still DON’T CARE. And if you

vote Republican in this mid-terms you are giving

temporary political life, to a terminally ill patient

Think, vet all the candidates policies, and VOTE!

Speakin’ Of Republican Token Racists?!

There is a new name to add to the “list” of “Uncle

Rukus” Republican’s. We already ‘know’: Herman

oreilly-on race(O’Really!?!?)

Cain, EW Jackson, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Jesse

Lee, Clarance Thomas, & Ben Carson…….but now

comes; Mychal Massie! I say I say hold on to your

Confederate hats gents. Here comes your “Uncle”:

“In the final analysis, Blacks are worse off
today, morally and spiritually, than at any
other time in their history in America”

Obviously, Mychal just thinks by adding a ‘y’ to his

name he magically isn’t “black” now. So, charming

Is he done?!?! Would any self respecting racist be?

“I argue there is no greater form of racism, &
bigotry than race-based “affirmative action”?”

Yes, and I believe you are directly DOING IT prick!

According to fucko affirmative action and the 1964

Massie Santorum(How expected)

civil rights act “destroyed” the black community, to

the point that African Americans were so better off

under slavery and Jim Crow. I speak for all people,


VOTE!!!! If you don’t, we have morons like this ass

NOTE: Weather Channel Founder Is A Big Moron
NOTE II: Gross “Ray Rice Costume” Is Tone Deaf

Have a day!

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