The Young Turks did a funny thing today. They put

out a sketch of Republican’s real message this Mid-

Don't vote ad(We know)

Terms. This Sketch starts out with some best lines:

“Young people, minorities, gays, & women…I know
we don’t talk much, but this election we have a favor
to ask. Don’t vote on November 4th! We made some
desperate attempts to win ya over but let’s be honest
it is just getting awkward. We don’t get you people!”

Nicely done YT’s. It’s funny too accurate, & cutting

truth. While many Democrats can suck & I call em

out here SO often, handing power back to the child

who shut it all down, because they did not get their

way is not the answer either. YES, there ARE things

worse than pussy Democrats, sociopath Republicans

GOP ideas(We know!)

The best line was: “So, this November 4th refuse to

do your job as citizens, just like we do in Congress!!”

NOTE: The Bears aren’t a professional football team
They are a bad reality TV show that’s been cancelled
They lost 51-23 & down 38-7 at the half; unwatchable

NOTE II: Bully starts fight with gay man after verbal
slurs, hate, & ignorance. Then people take him down

Have a day!

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