Quarantiney Meanies

October 28th, 2014

It seems that Science, medical practice, & diseases

have a “Bi-partisan” slant. Both Cuomo, & Christie


think it’s the 1st time to Quarantine people now for

Ebola. Forget the CDC has suggested no such ideas

Forget we’ve been through this ever loving fucking

shit before even with WORSE diseases like SCARS,

H1N1, “Swine Flu”, and “Avian Bird Flu”. ALL were

airborne, & dealt with quickly. Ebola, will ALSO be

handled fine. But now comes the big Fatty freakout

to now quarantine people with no signs of it at ALL

Chris Christie said Kaci Hickox is now quarantined

The paitent nurse(“Really!?!?”)

In a tent, with no heat, & a box to shit in…while HE

is campaigning for Ricky Scott, in Florida. He said:

“And I understand…that this had made this women
uncomfortable, & I’m sorry that she’s uncomfortable
but the fact is I have the people of Jersey as my 1st &
foremost responsibility to protect their public health”

Does he or anyone on his staff understand Ebola?!?

In fact shes a NURSE & was there working w/Ebola

patients having a solid take on the disease. She said:

“I am not, as he said “obviously ill” I am completely healthy
& with no symptoms. And if he knew anything about Ebola
he would know that asymptomatic people, aren’t infectious”

Aside from Tubby doing it we got Cuomo, & even our

Mayor Rham doing it. Guys, have you spoken to ANY

doctors, experts on the subject of Ebola. ANY one?!?!

This is just the latest “Media/Political” over-reaction!


Is this serious? YES, and we have procedures in place

moving forward. For a fat fuck screaming “Get THAT

government out of our way”. He sure loves using IT!!!

Irony: if anyone of these morons just listened to ANY

expert on the subject rather than overreact needlessly

we would have rational adults. Instead, Chicken Little

Let the experts dictate your response, not “crazy fear”

It is better to be safe than sorry, we all agree with that

BUT, understand what the specific disease you’re now

dealing with & how it’s specifically transferred u idiots

NOTE: R-Scott Walker’s running ads against himself

Have a day!

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