“Smashing Bumpkins”

October 21st, 2014

When black people riot, out comes the racism on-line

“Thugs”, “They’re all monkeys?!?!”, “Welfare cheats!”

Punkin Fest on cars(Kids being kids?)

So this Saturday, at the 24th annual Pumpkin Fest we

saw white kids rioting, looting, flipping cars, throwin’

beer cans at the cops, & more. But why?!?!?!? Oh this

“It is just like a rush. You are revolting from the cops,
it’s a blast to do things that you’re not supposed to do”

Then, Twitter collectively had the greatest “Teachable

Moment” ever. They all explained, how this would be

covered, if the youths were black instead of white. Oh

shit did that hit the mark hard. See, when Black Kids

Pumpkinfest Sign ripper(Lettin’ off steam)

do it they’re all lumped together as *Racial Slur Here*

But here’s the rub; when white people(like myself) do

it, & something terribly negative happens with only a

huge group of white people involved, you can NEVER

castigate that entire race. Nope, just a few ‘bad apples’

here nothin to see! BUT if black people do it, then they

ALL are like that. THAT right there, is White Privilege

Ask yourself how much coverage did this get? Yet how

much did Ferguson get, and what was everyone sayin?

Pumpkinfest aftermath(Charming)

It explains a massive divide we got, that must be fixed

Ignoring Institutional Racism won’t make it “go” away

Have a day!

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