Speaking of, “Racist Welfare Violent Fucks”, what do

you suppose Cliven ‘Al’ Bundy is up too? More racism

Cliven with token(The Moron Twins)

Here’s the interesting thing about moron racists, they

will always let you know their hatefully rotten racism

Here’s a political ad he did with “Token Uncle Rukus”:

“I know black folks have a had a hard time with slavery, and you
know, the government was in on it, & the government is in on it
again…I worked my whole life w/o mistreating anybody. A man
ought to be able to express himself, without being called names”

Well, if by “worked my whole life”, equals “freeloading

without paying your bills”, sure. And, here is the BEST

rub; if you don’t wish to be called “racist”, STOP saying

overtly racist shit you old fuck. What he’s really asking

for is “Can’t you just call my racism “cool awesome”?!”

Blazing Saddles(Rock Ridge baby)

No, but I will call this what it is; comedy gold. SNL can

not write sketches this good. It is like Blazing Saddles –

the comedy. Well, minus the ‘intentional comedy’. This

gets worse. The “Token” goes on, to humiliate himself:

“A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put
an end to this: “political correctness stuff” in America today.”

Well, it seems that Snowball sure does love Candyland

The thing I feel most sorry for is the horse. And it goes

to shit at 1:26, effectively “commenting on” their whole

django-jackson(We know)

horribly acted ‘Token Racist Ad’. You’d think they can’t

sink any lower; give him time to find a new rockbottom

Speaking Of “Racially Tone Deaf”...

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley thinks flying the

“Confederate Flag” is “totes cool” since no CEO’s have

Nikki Haley(“Fuuuugetaboutit”)

complained yet. You think I’m kidding right?!?!?!?! No:

“I spent…my days on the phones with CEOs recruiting
jobs to this state, I can honestly say I have not had one
conversation with a single CEO about the Confederate flag”

But it gets better. Wait did I say better? I meant worse

“But we really kind of fixed all that when you elected the 1st
Indian-American female governor & when we appointed the
1st African-American U.S. senator, that sent a huge message”

Ahhhhh yes. Nikki, can I introduce you to Cliven Bundy?

The old “Racism is over because X!” lie. No, racism is far

from over lady, & waving that flag defining “Institutional

Racism, treason, & sedition” isn’t fucking helping. In fact

Democratic Candidates March In MLK Day Parade In South Carolina(WTF!?!?!)

it shows such a profound “ignorance of US History” and a

blind spot for pure hate. How about you let us know your

CEO’s list, so we can make informed purchasing decisions

Surely they wouldn’t object. What’s that?!?!? They do?!?!?

For people “who don’t talk about it”, they sure run from it

NOTE: The Chicago Bears are not a professional football
team. They’re bi-polar nuts run by glasses Nurse Rachett
NOTE II: A Lucas Oil Founder, Goes On “Racist FB Rant”
NOTE III: Biden’s Kid Kicked Out Cocaine In His System

Have a day!

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