“Jihad Johnny Jr” Phil Robertson is at it again

He cut some political ads for his nephew Zack

Phil-Robertson-With-Gun-e1414460385212-665x385(“I’m a bigoted moron!”)

Dasher (Sounds like a bad morning Zoo DJ or

a terrible porn star who can not sploog on que)

“Bibles and guns brought us here,
& Bibles and guns will keep us here”

What a powerful ‘political message’. No policy,

no subtance of governance, & LOTS of bullshit

Again, holding up the bible & a fuckin gun tells

me that Jackass never READ it. It’d be like me

claiming to be Amish with no beard, and Apple

products/TV all plugged in, all using electricity

This will make their base very happy. After all,

they love Honey Boo Boo so why not cling onto

Zach Dasher(1st amendment disagrees)

Thunder Cockpunch, or Laser Facefist, as your

local idiot who doesn’t understand governance

They are not serious thoughtful people capable

of any understandin’ of policy or reality so they

all just show a bible, gun, & say “Just trust em!”

Ever Seen This Debate Tactic?!?!

Where one person in the debate, ‘pretends’ the

other person & his question now doesn’t exist?!

Ed Fitzgerld debate(No response)

Ohio governor John Kasich decided to put into

law a “gag rule” in cases of rape for all the rape

counselors where they can’t advise the client on

abortion options. When asked “Why did you do

this, & why is this good public policy?”. He said:

“Do you have a question?!?!”

After his opponent just asked him the question?

When you don’t have answers, I guess ignore it?

Now the newspaper asks him the same question

“At the end of the day, I’m going to do
what I think is a pro-life, ya know being
in a position of being pro-life. There is
nothing more I can say about it, I have
said everything there is to say about it.”

Is he fucking Forrest Gump with “And that’s all I

have to say about that”?!? And then the WORST

forrest_gump_all_i_have_to_say(Yes, we know)

part, the news paper conducting the debate and,

who endorsed Kasich, thought he answered it!!!

Go watch the entire bizarre non-answer BS here

It is simply because he knows, he becomes Todd

“Legitimate Rape” Akin when he does, & will not

stand behind these horrific shit policies he made

How “intellectually dishonest” & deranged is this

guy? He says you can get abortions in insect and

rape, but just does not want the “victim” to know

they’re legally able to? What the ever loving fuck?

It’s like me saying, “I think, you should be able to

do X but you can’t legally ever tell them about it!”

John Kascih(No rape abortion for you)

Now, you think it can’t get worse? Well you don’t

know Republicans today. So, North Eastern Ohio

Media Group………which is a “partner” of the Plain

Dealer Newspaper(guys who did the debate) they

“demanded” that the video of this be ‘taken down’

As you can see above, that’s impossible. Ooooops

NOTE: Lindsey Graham “Jokes” The “Cold Truth”
NOTE II: Fat Christie Tells Heckler To “Shut up!”

Have a day!

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